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Cong. Ronald V. Singson - His Profile

A Glimpse Of His Childhood

It was the dawning of the 18th day of November, year 1968 when Ronald was born in Manila. His parents are original residents from the northern spot of the Philippines-Vigan Ilocos Sur. Although he spent his childhood in the said place, later when he started studying he moved to Manila where he resided at the Hillside Loop, Blueridge, Quezon City. But often did he go home for summer vacations. He was a typical child who loves to play and just enjoyed what a single day may bring. He grew up with a vouch of conservatism, since the standard of Catholicism was embedded in him. His uncomplicated Childhood made him unmindful of the loads of grim things. Nevertheless, he was already sentient concerning the tricks his father Luis “chavit” Singson- former Governor of Ilocos Sur has been doing as a public servant.

It may be noted that he’s been a witness to the many people coming in and out their place whenever they needed help from his family. They extend help to their constituents in any way they could. Apart from that, he’s been assisting her mother in trading for their tobacco Industry. Whenever his parents goes abroad, young as he was, he had no choice then but to stand in the midst of the public to deliver a speech in lieu to his father’s absence hence eventually calling him “the little governor” of Ilocos Sur. Definitely he was exposed to such nature of tasks but although the nature of politics has been imbibe in his character, still he was unsure then- that someday what his father has started will also become his turf.

His Prominent Family

Having been known as a son of former Ilocos Sur Governor “Luis” Chavit Singson always had created a mark in his identity to eventually recognizing him easily as a vibrant and unfaltering public servant. As many people perceived, that everything of which his family needs has lay down in a “silver platter”, - was actually the contrary. Their riches have also been fruits of hard-earned labors, motivated by unceasing insistence to reach beyond what an ordinary life can give. Their family big as it may seem, from their ancestral origin to their present relatives have always maintained a good and strong family ties, coupled with unfathomable love and care for each other. This family attribute he has, had been the rudiment of their firm life’s principle- that is to prevail in favor to what is moral even if this would mean bargaining their security at stake. Thus, having such principle allowed them to amplify their network in the political arena. Indeed, their family as a whole defied the traditional means of dealing with controversies and instead fights for their rights if they needed to.

His Appreciation For Education

Undeniably, his family milieu has been an enormous causative factor in honing his plans and current ventures, but of course it was not as straightforward as he could have been concretizing all those, if he was devoid of an appreciation as to what the essence of education would pilot his feet into. He entered primary school at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City where he also spent his highschool days. Soon after, he then took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management at the De La Salle University. This career path he chased in, motivated him to engage in a variety of businesses. He acted as President/CEO of SATRAP CONSTRUCTION CO. INC., Moreover, he assumed as General Manager of the SUPERB SECURITY AND INVESTIGATION and Vice President of the PARTAS TRANSPORTATION. In any case, these valuable administrative and managing experiences he had dwelled in, has endowed him the venues to discover the essentials and idyllic approach well matched for a young entrepreneur.

How His Political Life Gets On Track

Although, he thrives as a young entrepreneur, the time was not late for him to ponder about subsequently investing on what his ancestors and great father have devoted in within the realm of politics. Later, did he realize how extensive he could be of help to the public if his passion would not only be restricted into the call of establishing competitive entrepreneurships? Exactly, that he was convinced about, -prioritizing the welfare of the people in a more capacious sense. That conviction was the precursor for him to work as board member (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) in Ilocos Sur of which he served from 2001-2007. This span of time wasn’t enough for him to maximize his aspiration as a public servant he knew then that it would be more worthwhile if he can take part in behalf of the national interest, thereby pushing him to run in the 2007 election where he won as a Representative in the first district of Ilocos Sur.

As A Legislator

Twenty-seven comprehensive house bills and timely resolutions have certainly defined his approximately one year and seven months stay in the Lower House of the Philippine Congress. Short lived as it was, these accomplishments in the legislature not to add-up his unquantifiable projects he vested in the first district of Ilocos Sur which basically focused on information revolution through upgraded technology, cyber education, e-commerce, water irrigation, agricultural, food security, peace and order- all for poverty alleviation. These would surely boost the productivity and efficiency of his constituents for their livelihood and wellbeing. Undoubtedly, this would further enhance his sense of “political stewardship” of which he had vitally come across into. Wherever course his feet could lead him in the near or even in remote future, one thing for sure is that, from such point of reference, he will not exactly make a replication of what his father has done. Somehow, there would be more exhilarating investments and more streamlined measures which are geared towards “economic revolution”, he would consider –that lies ahead in his next ladder of serving the Filipinos.


  1. Sub Committee on Oversight - Chairman
  2. Committee on Public Works and Highways – Vice Chairman
  3. Committee on Appropriations – Member
  4. Committee on Natural Resources – Member
  5. Committee on National Defense and Security- Member
  6. Committee on Ways and Means – Member
  7. Committee on Economic affairs – Member
  8. Committee on Games and Amusement – Member
  9. Committee on Agriculture and Food – Member
  10. Committee on Aqua-Culture and Fisheries - Member